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Apr 12,  · How to use Great Expectations for the AP English Literature Free Response Questions. Great Expectations is a well-known literary work, with which you should be familiar. It may well be a viable choice for the AP English Lit free response question. 📚 Great Expectations - essay example for free Newyorkessays - database with more than college essays for studying 】 Great; Great Expectations; Pip responds to this and preserves that world by keeping the light of day — questions his sister and Pumblechook ask — from destroying its special fairy-tale quality. That world is. This lesson will include some essay topics from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. These topics will be organized by theme, or subject, with additional information to help guide your students.

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While the convict has come to England to see Pip and enjoy flaunting the gentleman he has made, Pip tells him he is in danger and that they need to lay low.

Pip visits Jaggers to seek advice. Pip secures an apartment nearby for Magwitch and orders some clothes for a disguise.

Pip is thrilled when Herbert returns. Later, when the convict has gone to his lodging, Pip and Herbert discuss what to do. In the course of making plans, they learn from Magwitch that he great expectations essay questions abandoned early in childhood and barely survived.

He mentions working with two men, Arthur and Compeyson, the latter having swindled some money years before from some rich lady. Compeyson and Magwitch eventually ended up on the same prison ship but Compeyson got off easy being a gentleman. Magwitch, on the other hand, was sentenced to life, and then banished. They are careful in all their statements so that no one can trace them to the knowledge that Magwitch is in England illegally, great expectations essay questions. Ominous events are foreshadowed when Pip suspects that Magwitch has been followed to his apartment and that someone is now watching them.

He wants to show society that a low dog like him can make a fine gentleman. By showing Pip off to the world he gets revenge for how the world treated him, great expectations essay questions.

Whose money it is should not make any difference — he is dependent no matter what. In one respect it is a good decision because finally Pip is deciding to fend for himself and to care for another out of higher motives than money. But at the same time, refusing the gift solely because of who gives it is sheer snobbery. Summary Pip visits Estella and Miss Havisham one last time before leaving to get Magwitch out of the country.

Pip is received with surprise at Satis House and he gets right to the point. Telling them he knows his benefactor and that it will do him no good in enriching his station, reputation, great expectations essay questions, or wealth, he admonishes Miss Havisham for hurting him by leading him to believe she was the source of his expectations.

Great expectations essay questions he was treated fairly with the apprenticeship he knows he served her purpose in antagonizing her toady relatives. She flashes an angry response telling him he made his own snare, but continues to listen. Pip tells her how honorable Herbert and Matthew Pocket have been in contrast to the other relatives. Pip then tells Estella that he knows he will never have her and does not blame Miss Havisham, as he does not believe she realized what she was doing.

When Estella tells him she is going to marry Drummle, Pip passionately pleads with her to marry anyone else, at least someone worthy of her. Pip leaves and decides to walk back to London. Reaching the Temple about midnight, he is given a note from Wemmick telling him not to go home, great expectations essay questions. He spends a sleepless night at Hummums in Covent Garden, where a bed is always available to travelers. The clerk tells him that an unnamed person is in danger and being watched.

He advises Pip to use the big city to lay low until things quiet down, and then get the person out of town. Pip succeeds in pushing the Walworth Wemmick a bit further to confirm that Compeyson is still alive and living in London. He also foreshadows the type of death Drummle will have by showing his brutal treatment of his horse in this chapter.

While not mentioned specifically, the slouching shoulders and ragged hair point to Orlick and give the feeling that Pip is surrounded by evil that is closing in on him. Wemmick, utilizing his knowledge of criminal elements and his law clerk talents for detail, manages to hide Magwitch and instructs Pip and Herbert how to keep the man hidden and plot his escape.

Wemmick thinks of everything right down to leaving notes for Pip at all gates of the Temple and then returning to retrieve the extras. He understands about leaving no trails of incriminating great expectations essay questions. Portable property is emphasized again when Wemmick tells Pip to get his hands on it.

He is frank in saying they do not know what will happen to Magwitch. It is interesting that for all his effort to keep his two lives separate, Wemmick is mixing both places together more than he ever has, to save Magwitch. He conveys London information at Walworth, and acts, motivated by his Walworth kindness, great expectations essay questions, when in London.

She shows fierce anger when Pip points out how she has hurt him, her first open expression of a charged emotion. But as she listens to his impassioned pleas to Estella, sees his willingness to even give up Estella as long as she is happy, Miss Havisham is filled with pity and remorse.

Instead of being a passive victim, he is calling things as he sees them and demanding certain actions. The secrecy theme continues when Pip asks Miss Havisham to take over helping Herbert and to keep it between the two of them. Estella shows some interesting insight regarding her choice of Drummle as a husband.

She observes to Pip that she cannot give herself to a great expectations essay questions who would recognize she has nothing to offer him in the way of love, and assures Pip she will not be a blessing to Drummle. It is a negative thing either way, though: Either she is in power and Drummle will suffer or Drummle will rule and she will feel the pain.

In either event, someone will get hurt. Magwitch, under the name of Campbell, occupies two bright and airy rooms at the top of the house. Magwitch, Pip, and Herbert discuss what to do. It is agreed that Magwitch remain there in hiding. When the time is right, great expectations essay questions, Pip and Magwitch will go abroad. Herbert suggests that he and Pip get a boat and start rowing on the river to establish that as part of their routine. Then they can get Magwitch on board a ship great expectations essay questions involving anyone else.

Magwitch will signal from the window with the blinds when he sees them, to let them know he is well. He sells some of his jewelry to pay his bills. To kill some time, Pip goes to the theater one evening to see Mr. He notices Wopsle staring intently at him during one scene and later learns that Wopsle was staring at the man right behind him. Realizing the man is Compeyson, great expectations essay questions, Pip knows he is being followed and sends a note to Wemmick at Walworth.

About a week later, Jaggers invites Pip to dine with Wemmick and him. Jaggers has a note for Pip from Miss Havisham, and through very dry hints from Wemmick, great expectations essay questions, Pip understands to see her tomorrow. Jaggers notes that the Spider has won the pool, meaning Drummle has married Estella, great expectations essay questions, and observes that the winner of the power play between the two has yet to be decided.

He observes that a man like Drummle either beats or cringes, and toasts to the success of Mrs. Bentley Drummle. Jaggers was her lawyer, and this case is the one that actually made him successful.

He artfully dressed her to look weaker than great expectations essay questions was, made no comment about her strong hands, and proved the scratches on her hands were from bramble bushes not great expectations essay questions struggle.

Also it was said Molly murdered her child to get even with her husband, but Jaggers was able to sway the jury great expectations essay questions from that opinion. Molly has worked for Jaggers ever since. Analysis Dickens often cast the children in his stories as orphans, perhaps due to the abandonment he felt as a child. That trend continues in this book with Pip who is an orphan, great expectations essay questions, and Estella, Clara, and Herbert who have living parents that are either unknown or useless to them.

The foreshadowing of evil continues when Pip detects great expectations essay questions Compeyson is following him. Feeling tremendously guilty for the harm she has caused, she agrees to help Herbert and asks if she can do anything for him Pip.

Pip thanks her but tells her that he is fine. Before he leaves, Pip walks around the grounds and the brewery where as a child he had the vision of Miss Havisham hanging from the beam.

Uncomfortable with the memory, Pip goes back upstairs to check on her and discovers her dress has caught on great expectations essay questions. He saves her from the fire, but his arms are badly burned and she is seriously hurt herself. When she first came, I meant to save her from misery like mine, great expectations essay questions. Take the pencil and write under my name, I forgive her! Herbert added that Magwitch went into hiding to avoid having to testify against her at her trial.

Compeyson blackmailed Magwitch with this information, getting him deeper into crime. Pip visits Jaggers the next day and is received with more kindness than is usually seen in the office. Jaggers is surprised but recovers quickly and tries to change the subject back to business. He tells of a woman in need of legal help who confides in her attorney that her child is really alive, the father does not know this, and that she is guilty of the crime.

The attorney, charged with finding a girl to adopt for a rich woman, and knowing the horrors of what happens to children in the legal system, places the child with the rich woman. Here is one child saved regardless of what happens to the mother.

The lawyer does his best and saves the woman, but the emotions of it all affect her mind. She is unable to cope with the world. The lawyer takes the theoretical woman in and continues to keep her in line with his power whenever the old, wild ways come out. Stopping, Jaggers then asks Pip if anyone will benefit from knowing this theoretical story.

Pip agrees to keep the secret. The episode has upset the unemotional balance between Wemmick and Jaggers who now view each other uncomfortably. The status quo is restored shortly when both of the men rage at a whiny client and tell him that no emotions are allowed in the office. Miss Havisham is suffering, the victim of her lifetime of hatred and vengeance. She has grown through pain to remorse and now desires to make amends. She willingly helps Herbert and offers as much to Pip, great expectations essay questions.

The fantasy element about her hanging from the beam is resolved here. Pip, thinking back to that image, great expectations essay questions, goes back inside in time to rescue her from the flames. Pip is showing reversals here too. Whatever happens now will be of his own making, a sure sign of growth. He has completed his efforts for Herbert, the only good thing he feels he has done with his money, and gives Miss Havisham the forgiveness she craves.


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great expectations essay questions


- form: Great Expectations is a novel first written in serial form. When you write about the use of dialogue in a passage, or detailed descriptions being used to slow the pace of a passage, you’re writing about form. Are opposites being focused on, or does the way the extract is written. Great Expectations is a book by Charles Dickens completed in Great Expectations literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provid Author: Charles Dickens. Nov 07,  · Great Expectations Essay Words | 4 Pages. Great expectations coursework My essay is going to be about the edition novel ‘Great Expectations.’ The author of this novel is Charles Dickens. When the novel opens we meet Pip as a rather young child. Pip is the narrator as well as the main character. This is known as the first person.